The Codebreakers

The Codebreakers


The Codebreakers

Why do some items go viral while others remain unseen, unread, and unshared forever?

Why do some items go viral while others remain unseen, unread, and unshared forever?

Wednesday November 5th 10:02 am MDT, 9:02 am PDT, 11:02 am CDT, 12:02 pm EDT, 5:02 pm BST

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Join our team of #CodeBreakers  each week as we open up various Meme’s and show you why they went viral or died on the vine.

This week we’re talking about the virility of The Walking Dead

Zombies have been around for a long time so why do we love the show The Walking Dead so much? Why’s it catching on like wildfire? Why hasn’t it just blended into the background like many other zombie/apocalyptic fads?

Tune in as we try to answer some of these questions!

Meet the #CodeBreakers :

(In alphabetical order)

  Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales 

Super Power -> Communication

Ammon Johns  

Super Power-> Search Engine Optimization

 Christopher Vogelmann 

Super Power -> Gamification

 Craig Calvert 

Super Power -> Physiology 


Super Power -> Engagement, Creativity, and Speed Cubing 


 Eric Enge 

Super Power -> Analysis 

 Grizwald Grim  

Super Power -> Analysis

Michael Sutton

Super Power -> Entrepreneurship 

 Nicholas Cardot 

Super Power -> #psywarrior  

 Phil Bowyer 

Super Power ->

 Stephanie Sims 

Super Power -> Numbers


The Codebreakers

Pandemic Code Breaking Funny

The Codebreakers

Brands Killing it With Viral Humour (And The Ones That Got it Wrong)

With #Codebreakers  Amy Harrison Ammon Johns and Christopher Vogelmann 

In the past few years, a handful of companies have hit the goldmine with viral humour to increase sales, explode brand presence and even launch to success seemingly overnight. 

And they’re not all innovative, new companies like the Dollar Shave Club. Even traditional, nay ‘stuffy’ brands like Old Spice and General Electric have transformed their image by killing their old one with humour. 

But it’s not just simply a case of adding humour into the mix. Some brands have tried to raise a laugh and made the mistake of offending the very customers they want to reach. 

In this episode of #codebreakers   we crack the code of what made certain comedy campaigns so successful, and why others have fallen flat. 

Join us and see if your own business can kill it with humour.