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Elaine Nieberding that was amazingly useful note-taking and sharing.  Thank you so much for being a force of serendipity.  

This wasn’t meant to be open to anyone outside of the team as an event, but as just mentioned, I’m taking this as serendipity rather than an error.  How you have access seems to be that either someone added you to the private (planning/managing collaborative) community rather than the public one, or that this event was posted to the wrong one of those communities.  Serendipity.  Though if the link is in the wrong community we’ll need to prevent further occurrence for now.  This was added to because I set the video itself as unlisted rather than private since we had to upload it in a very circuitous manner once the HOA failed to record (thus the lack of my audio on the recording even though it was fine in the HOA itself).

Anyway, in return for the generous serendipitous post you made, I have one burning question:

“Do you often have a little unexpected extra time on your hands?”

Now, it’s pleasing to be asked questions, but more pleasing to receive invitations, to play.

Creative play, for the service of humankind… is right up my alley. In which case,

the time to participate is created – time warps and bubbles aligning with purpose, intentionality.

(OMG that sounded too serious). hahahaha  

I’m up waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too late.Thank you   Ammon Johns for IDing me as a force of serendipity.


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