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So, its been a while… have you missed us?  Well, we are back, and this time we are talking about Independence – our need for it countering our fear of it.

You see, we all are likely to claim we want more Independence, but conversely, we are social creatures who need others around us and often sacrifice our independence for the sake of tribe and social connection.

Then there’s the whole issue of responsibility.  Independence is great when it means others are not telling us what to do, but its price is that we don’t have ties of dependence to support us in the event of failure.

In this show, The Codebreakers team will look at all of these issues, and the underlying psychology that creates the paradox of our desire (and fear) of Independence.



3 replies on “Independence”

I share your sentiment about teachers and schools Kristin Drysdale – sadly we view it as state-sponsored babysitting because that’s all it really is. The real learning occurs elsewhere. If I could give my son a better education, I would, but for now the system is the only viable option.

Thanks so much for all your juicy comments and interaction Laurie Varga. I’m really happy you got to watch the show and that it caught your interest. 

LOL- I usually get to that stripped down place via challenges and rough spots. I’ve learned to try to use it as an opportunity rather than just a terrifying experience. So so true about the journey and the internet world being all about identity. And we want it to be that way, but sometimes we have a crisis of identity and have to re-group. Trying to see it as ‘all good’, I find, is helpful. 

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