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Pandemic Code: Viral Partners

Pandemic Code: Viral Partners

Unlock the mystery of Attachment Theory with Craig Calvert, Kristin Drysdale, Stephanie Sims, and Grizwald Grim to examine why some people are content to stay with one partner, while others bounce from one person to the next, seeming to be in an ever-lasting search for happiness and security.


What is Attachment Theory?

Attachment theory suggests early interactions with parents lead to the formation of attachments that reflect self-perceptions and a measure of one’s self-worth. This foundation leads to expectations about intimate relationships and is so deeply rooted in cognitive conditioning that it affects relationships for the rest of one’s life.

Three Main Attachment Styles:

Secure Attachment:

Ambivalent Attachment:

Avoidant Attachment:   

Tune in to discover your own attachment style and, most importantly, learn more about the factors that promote attachment security and relational well-being so you can stop bouncing and start really loving your life.

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Meet the #CodeBreakers :

(In alphabetical order)

Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales 

Super Power -> Communication

Ammon Johns 

Super Powers-> Strategist, Visibility Control, Protector of Lawns

Amy Harrison 

Super Power -> Humor, Wordsmith 

Christopher Vogelmann 

Super Power -> Engagement, Funnies and Gamification

Craig Calvert 

Super Power -> Psychology and Psychometrics 


Super Power -> Engagement, Creativity, and Misspelling 

Eric Enge 

Super Power -> Data Analysis 

Gina Fiedel 

Super-Powers -> Perception, Vision-creation

Grizwald Grim 

Super Power -> Philosophical and Sociological Analysis

Kristin Drysdale 

Super Power -> Connection, Diplomacy

Michael Sutton  

Super Power -> Entrepreneurship 

Stephanie Sims 

Super Power -> The Number Whisperer

Thomas E. Hanna |

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