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Meghan Trainor claims “It’s All About That Bass”

Meghan Trainor claims “It’s All About That Bass”

Meghan Trainor claims “It’s All About That Bass”

Why do some items go viral while others remain unseen, unread, and unshared forever?

Wednesday November 19th 10:02 am MDT, 9:02 am PDT, 11:02 am CDT, 12:02 pm EDT, 5:02 pm BST




Join our team of #CodeBreakers  each week as we open up various Meme’s and show you why they went viral or died on the vine.

This week we’re talking about the Viral YoutTube hit song “It’s All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor

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As of 11/12/14 at 12:30 pm MST…

Views: 250,534,093

Thumbs Up: 1,545,159

Thumbs Down 117,509

Up Down Ratio: 13/1

Tune in as we try to answer some of the key questions why Meagan has created so much buzz!

Meet the #CodeBreakers :

(In alphabetical order)

  Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales 

Super Power -> Communication

Ammon Johns  

Super Powers-> Strategist, Visibility Control, Protector of Lawns

 Christopher Vogelmann 

Super Power -> Engagement, Funnies and Gamification

 Craig Calvert 

Super Power -> Psychology and Psychometrics 

David Wells    

Super Power -> Philosophical and Sociological Analysis


Super Power -> Engagement, Creativity, and Misspelling 


 Eric Enge 

Super Power -> Data Analysis 

Gina Fiedel 

Super-Powers -> Perception, Vision-creation

Michael Sutton

Super Power -> Entrepreneurship 

 Nicholas Cardot 

Super Power -> #psywarrior  

 Phil Bowyer 

Super Power -> Rule-breaking!

 Stephanie Sims 

Super Power -> The Number Whisperer


3 replies on “Meghan Trainor claims “It’s All About That Bass””

You all covered some awesome ground Stephanie Sims Gina Fiedel Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales and DENNIS N. DUCE. First time I’ve caught the show (thanks for pulling me in David Amerland – Barbie is good for something!).

Wish I had time to read all the comments, but this was my big takeaway after listening today (and some of this may be well-known Codebreaker territory, but, as I said, I’m new here). The codes you explored today were so much bigger than how to succeed online or even how to hack the system. They’re the codes the majority choose to live by. And if the goal is to figure out why something went viral and try to emulate it, then you did a brilliant job of subverting your own form.

My real takeaway from this was the rallying call that I think Stephanie Sims offered so eloquently – how do we create more Real Beauty campaigns, not more Bass videos? Meghan Trainor may have mixed up something spectacular, but we’re not going to invest in creating a spectacle that perpetuates objectification and living to please the male gaze. Or, really, popular gaze since women are implicit in the whole issue of commodifying bodies when they keep downloading the singles or buying the products to look like these pop stars.

“I love who I am” messages who actually make the masses love who they are don’t seem to spread like the messages that make people doubt or demean themselves for sex? All we can do is create an avalanche of the former to drown out the latter and create true cultural shift.

Again, awesome show that seems so amazingly timely. It seem there’s an avalanche of bravery that says “we need to talk about this stuff.” It’s a start…

Marisa Goudy, I love your echoing call to create an avalanche of “I love who I am” messages to drown out the messages that create doubt and demeaning. It’s an odd circular thing, because we have to have some good solid degree of actually loving who we are or at least having a good grip on what that even means in order to create sincere (a=authentic) material that can convince and convert others to their own beliefs that are rich with loving themselves. Conversations like this are a start.

My understanding of The Codebreakers, and why I am so honored to be part of the team, is to always be reaching to those bigger overriding codes, not just touching upon “how to succeed online” or how to “hack the system”. The issues are so much larger and more important than that. Glad it shows!

Thank you so much for spending time with this.

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