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Okay – seeing the comments now from Ammon Johns and Gina Fiedel regarding the video.

I was “playing” under the assumption that we as a collective group had put forth the idea that someone should make something from it. Therefore, I was operating under consent. Aside from and inclusive of this isolated event, I would never think to make something and share it publicly without consent from all who participated. Hence, the reason why I didn’t already… I hope that we each have that good sense. … … …Do you think it’s necessary to put that in the FAQs for Codebreakers? 

No no no Kristin Drysdale.  We don’t need it to be in the FAQ. Of course you wouldn’t do that! I was just joining the convo in the context it was taking place in.

But this does point out how we can each hear “directives” differently. Classic misunderstanding. Thanks for being so proactive to what you heard and took in way the rest of us were unaware of, though. Super initiative!

– show us the clip and we can decide if we should use it.

I feel accused of doing something that is so totally obviously wrong. Anyone would have to be a complete idgit to think it’s alright to do what you’re casually connecting with me, Ammon Johns. Although I like to think that we’ve gathered a group that’s got more intelligence than that of a box of hair, I suppose if you truly believe it necessary to go over these basic broadcasting morals then I would just appreciate an apology and a new thread opened up about Basics in Group Morals


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